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kat dennings icons

for all your kat graphics needs

Icons of Kat Dennings
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D E N N I N G S   I C O N S
Welcome to Dennings Icons, a place for all your Kat Dennings graphics needs. A few simple rules are all you have to follow:

- You can post icons, wallpapers, userinfo graphics, friends only graphics, etc., as long as they feature Kat in some shape or form. Icons from her films are perfectly all right, but don't make posts from, for example, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, without any icons of Kat in them.

- If your post has more than three icons, put the rest behind an lj-cut. If you're posting a wallpaper, place the actual wallpaper behind a cut, and alternatively make a thumbnail for it.

- Making "fake cuts" to your own graphic journals is perfectly all right, but indicate that the cut will take people away from the community.

- Have fun. :)

- official site
- official youtube
- wikipedia
- imdb
- lj community
- fansite